Lone, Non-Flying, Male Goose, Needs a Friend


Mar 29, 2016
Maryland, USA
Sorry if this is in the wrong area, I was looking for the Maryland and a non-chicken thread but those do not seem to exist any more. (Apologies if I am wrong- just cannot find them yet).

The problem and question: a lone male goose showed up on my property about a month ago and is living on/near my pond. He looks very much like a wild Canadian goose but he is not- and he does not seem to be able to fly. Does anyone in the MD/DC/VA/PA area have a 'near wild' female goose that they would like to get rid of? My guy (I call him 'Lone Ranger') really needs a friend. The wild Canadian geese have stopped coming by and he really needs a friend.

If you have a female goose that really wants to live a wild life I have a guy for your girl.

Please PM me.

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