Jul 25, 2019
For those with chickens that like to watch tv - are there any particular shows or movies that your chickens seem to really enjoy? (anything on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Youtube...)

I spend a lot of time outside with Rooster, as he is all alone (I live in east LA, he was dumped in our alley so he's now part of my household, but lives outside - his choice). Luckily I own a business and work from home, but I have terrible anxiety when he is alone outside. So, often I will leave my iPad out there playing a video, and he seems to like it having it there. I wish there was a show or type of show that I knew he absolutely loved, though.

Better yet - interactive games. So far he has "played" bug smasher games, but he doesn't quite get it, and his beak is often too narrow to register as anything happening in the game. When I search interactive pet games, mostly I only see lists of games where the human plays an animal character (not what I am looking for), or apps to help humans train a pet. Not a lot of games for the actual animals to engage in.

Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you!
I have a neighbor who has a bulldog and a bantam rooster. They seem to be good friends...so you could try another animal, but you'd have to introduce them with a see-through barrier in-between like chainlink to see if it would work. If you got a hen, however, you'd have a happy rooster and get eggs too...
I agree actual friends would be the best choice, but in the meantime: there are a couple of 'chicken noises' compilations on youtube that are so many hours long. He might enjoy those.
maybe give him a mirror? a fun game for a small space is to go to a pet store and buy a box of crickets and let the rooster chase them around the room (or wherever you are keeping him).

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