Lone rooster with a swollen shut eye


10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
My Jersey Giant Rooster( about 15lbs or more ) appeared to have a swollen eye yesterday and today it is swollen shut. He is alone as the fox made a meal of his ladies several weeks ago. ( New rooster pad going up in the yard ASAP) he is not eating, crowing, running from me, or drinking. I have bought Sulmet to put in his water but he has no interest in drinking it. I have tried alll his favorite snacks but he refuses to eat. He has been camped on the back porch by the door all day with his beak under his wing. There is no drainage from the eye or from his nostrils. I am new to chicken keeping and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
The swollen eye might be an injury, or it could the the symptom of a respiratory infection. Does he have any other symptoms? Poor guy.
Hmmmm...well, it could be several things...I would place the sulmet in his water and cage him, so that's all he will get to drink is that--believe me, if he gets thirsty enough, he'll drink it. I would also use terramycin ointment--you can buy this at your local TSC. You just carefully pull his eye open and squeeze it in 2x a day. Good luck and

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