lone wolf hen?

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  1. joletabey

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    Apr 9, 2009
    western NC
    My neighbor's chickens frequent my horse manure pile, yard and garden. ( they have charmed me completely- I will get some of my own as soon as I can get a coop, etc.) One of them seems to have decided that she wants to roost in the rafters of my barn at night, over the horses. (My gray mare occasionally looks like a leopard appaloosa in the morning) I thought chickens were very social, and attached to their coops and flock. She climbs all the way up a wooded hillside to sleep in my barn even if she has spent the day at her owner's place with all her friends. She has actually escaped being herded into her own coop to get to my barn. Is it the macaroni treats I hand out? Do some chickens just like to be alone?
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  2. pdsavage

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    Mar 27, 2008
    She just might feel safer in your barn...
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    I can't help you but wanted to bump this up.

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