Lone young chicken in already established flock


7 Years
May 26, 2012
Hello, I have 3 grown hens that have been around each other for a long time and are the survivors of many predator attacks. Just 6 weeks ago got 4 baby chickens and quarantined them for 30 days. Then they were introduced to the flock during the day (my roommate did this. i would have put them in at night). Either way, the next morning after their first night in the coop/chicken run, 3 of them were killed. 2 were outside of the cage. 1 was dead inside (scared to death??) and there is one left alive and well and alone. I figured out what killed the 2 chickens, and it was because their first night they roosted on a little area next to the actual gate to the chicken run and from that spot a predator could walk by and literally grab them through the fence. They must have been pulled through or scared out.

Since this has happened I have been making sure to train the other one to go into the coop at night which seems to be successful. I also let it free range from time to time, and those days it doesn't want to go inside the coop with the others or before dark, so I end up catching it and putting it in myself.

Basically this chicken is by itself and I know that it is not good to have this, but his other buddies were murdered. What should I do?

I have put the most aggressive hen in a separate cage and will leave her in there for a few days. She is isolated away from the flock. The other two grown hens still pick on Pants(its name) a little bit.

So, Pants has been pacing back and forth a lot, and is afraid of the other chickens or at least steers clear. Seems to be eating and drinking fine but I feed it extra alone because I know it doesn't eat with the rest. Not sure how it will be when the big chicken comes back, but is there anything I can do for Pants or is she always going to be the loner? She is at least 10 weeks and 2/3 the size of the others, she is not small.

Any ideas will help!
put her in the coop for a few hours each day and then seperate pants (cute name) for the rest of the day. try different hours each day. as for the aggresive one its good to establish pecking order, but it does seem like too much.put pants and her together for short times, but stay with them. pants nedds to stand up to her or she cant stay.she will eventually find her place in the pecking order

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