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Jul 30, 2013
This past week, raccoons got 5 of our 6 chickens. Now we have one lonely and depressed 14 week old Rhode Island Red. We want to get some new chicks soon so she's not alone. What's the best way to introduce new chicks to our one young chicken? Do you think she's young enough that she'll accept them well? Should we stick with the same breed? I'd love to hear any tips you have. Thanks!


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So sorry for you loss.
First I would recommend you secure your coop, if that is where the raccoon got them.

Chickens don't care what breed their sisters/brothers are..they are not prejudice.
You may want to search how to integrate chicks with adults...and read through others experiences to get some ideas.

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If you can get some point of lay birds, that would be sweet. If you get chicks, getting 5 will help. Even if they are lonely, they won't be friendly, but having several chicks, spreads out the pecking. Research several articles on integration, I just recently added a dozen to my flock using lattice panels, worked slick.

It is so awful to lose them to a predator, (been there) but you can try some different breeds now! I like a mixed flock. Suit yourself, the chickens won't care.

Mrs K

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