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hey guys! I have a drake that's 1 yr old. I didn't know any better so i only got one.... Well as you can imagine he's very lonely. i finally convinced my mom to get another one. So my question is should i get a baby or full grown. I don't wanna get a full grown because i don't know what kind of habits it would have formed and it wouldn't know me or my siblings and might bite us, then on the other hand Ming Ming might enjoy an adult rather than a baby . But if i get a duckling the pet shop owner said that since my duck is male and full grown he might peck at him and hurt him cause it his "territory". I'm leaning toward a ducking but if i o get a ducking should i get more than one? and should i get a male or female. THanks in advance!!

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First off i want to say it's the right choice, ducks are flock animals and do need the companionship of others. How many more can you get? Generally, drakes should have 2-3(or more ducks) per drake.

The pet shop owner is correct, he will likely pick on young ones BUT you could keep them where they can see one another and honestly ducklings grow so, so fast.

Mind you can you get sexed? you wouldn't want another drake and a duck, that would be a bad ratio. Now the option of adding older ducks isn't all bad, i admit i am bias towards ducklings, i have just found it easier to do it that way, i added a trio of ducks at 6-7mths old and eventually it came together but i find it's been way easier transitioning the ducklings into the flock instead but it could just be my breed, the dynamics here etc.

What is your drake?(breed?) i only have Muscovy right now, 14 of them ranging from almost 6wks through to a few years, i am adding some buff ducklings(girls!) later this spring though.
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