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9 Years
Jul 22, 2010
Anderson, Texas
If I could of filmed this I'd be a millionaire. Here goes. Everyone is headed back to the coop after free rangeing .I'm sitting in my golfcart watching all this. The original girls theirs 10 are going in for the nite to roost Freddy the roo is watching some girls are taking their sweet time. Finally, the girls are all in. All but the lonely girl. Lonely girl is in the woods right by the coop & Freddy knows it. Freddy heads over to the woods to get her. He finds her & brings her out & mates her. I'm watching all this freaking out. Freddy is in love with lonely girl. Lonely girl is now headed back to the coop & something scares her back into the woods. Freddy goes back in & gets her again & mates her again. Lonely girl still not sure about going in the coop heads back to the woods. Freddy, talks her out again & mates her again for the third time. This goes on until he has mated her 5 times . Its either love or lust but Freddy likes lonely girl thats for sure. No its stronger than likes he loves her. Finally, lonely girl goes in the coop & Freddy follows her & they both get up on the roost. I finally go over to the coop & do a head count & thank Freddy for being a good roo.I'd love to give Freddy a treat for helping out the lonely girl but he wouldn't take it he would give it to the girls. Thats just what he does. I now am totally conveinced that Freddy is a darn good guy & loves not one but all the girls.I still don't know if the girls will ever like the lonely girl but Freddy does. I have been sneaking treats & water to the lonely girl so she has been well taken care of during this whole ordeal I'm glad to no that Freddy is on my side. I also noticed when the girls try to peck the lonely girl that Freddy steps in front of her to protect her from being pecked on. All I can say is WOW. Chicken drama at its finest. I'm not a very good writer but I wish you could of seen this it was really amazing to watch. Here's a picture of Freddy .
Here's a picture of lonely girl. I have named her Checkers by the way. This is where she hangs out by the coop during the d
ay while the others are free ranging.
Sweet story.And thanks for the pics. Yes, the drama with chickens could fill a chicken soap opera,lol.
I wasn't sure if you know that I've been trying to add Checkers to my flock for about a week now & this is quite a breaking point.
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I had a tarp over the pop door because a norther blew in yesterday & the wind was howling. I went to take it off so they could get out to the run & I wanted to check on Checkers & she was on the ground not the roost. I took the tarp off went out & for some reason I went back in. Mind you its still pretty dark & everyone is still on the roost. When I go back inside the coop Freddy is now down on the ground with checkers making sure she's ok. I know yall think I'm making this up but its all true. Freddy is in love with checkers its the craziest thing I've ever seen.

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