Lonely girl update!!

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9 Years
Jul 22, 2010
Anderson, Texas
Lonely girl is only getting lonelyier as we type. I'm thinking I'll move her in with my 4 week old biddies.I'm worried that she will be eating medicated food how do I handle that. She has just started laying.
Sorry, I wouldn't know what to tell you re: feeding but, I wanted you to know someone noticed your question. What is the story on lonely girl? Is she the bottom of the pecking order - an "only one" hatch that doesn't fit in with the older hens. Maybe you can get advice on adding her to the flock, so she wouldn't be with 4 week olds.
Give her free choice oyster shell and she will be fine on the medicated feed. No need to worry. If she was on it for an extened period of time her egg shells would thin but the oyster shell will take care of that.
Yes, I'm trying to add her to the flock. But nobody can help so I'm now gonna move her to my 3o chicks because the existing flock will not except her. I now don't know how to feed her.

Although you may be surprised: a new laying pullet may not be interested in chicks that young for anything other than pecking them. Your sweet little hen may turn cannibalistic! Watch her closely as adult hens don't often take to chicks...unless they are broody
Lonely girl is a rescued chicken. She is a dominique the others are RIR. I've been asking for advice. She roost with the flock but the others won't let her free range with them. So she spends her days alone. I hate seeing her eveyday out & about by herself. My roo helps her some but he is busy with the flock all day. I was thinking about adding her to the biddies so she would hopefully not have to live her life with no freinds.
If I have read correctly, you have had her only 2 weeks, she can roost with the flock and has access to food and water. From what I have learned reading here is she can live with the flock and not be in the flock if that makes since. As long as she is able to live in the coop and not be bullied, let things be. Pecking orders change all the time, and one day she may have a buddy. I suspect you have babies that will need to be integrated into the flock in a few weeks, and that will be an agent for change. If she is eating, drinking and unharmed, relax and let things be. If you are concerned about her food, a separate feeder out of the way for her can be the answer.
Ok & thanks. My biddies live in a seperate coop & will not be integrated with my others. I hope to never integrate again. Lonely girl is escorted into the coop every evening. My rooster helps her every evening & makes sure shes in the coop & on the roost with the others. I sure hope your right . I have become attatched to lonely girl she is such a pleasure to be around. She jumps on my back when I go lock them up at nite. I named her checkers & she already knows her name & comes running to me if I call her. She jumps up into my golf cart & gets in my lap. Me & her ride around the farm together. I never thought a chicken could be so sweet.

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