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Mar 3, 2010
Granite Falls, WA
I have a flock of 13 chickens ranging in age from 9 months (just one girl) to 14 weeks. These birds are all integrated together, getting along for the most part and in my big coop with attached run.

I was given two younger birds whose age I am unsure of but was told they were between 9-12 weeks. They looked quite young to me so I would peg them at 9 weeks (if that). These girls are housed in a Chick n Hutch separate from the others as they are new and being quarantined. Good thing too as one of them (speckled sussex named Pika) has come down with some mystery ailment and I honestly don't think she's going to make it. I am trying everything I can to save her and have posted in the other forums asking for help, she's just very weak, not eating, listing to one side and resting right now in a box in my living room where I can keep a close eye on her. If she pulls through I will be more than thrilled as she is a very sweet little girl.

The reason for my post is, now I have a very lonely little BLRW named Dixie. She's still out in the hutch and very lonesome for her friend. I hadn't planned to introduce these two to the rest of the flock for another 2 months just to give them the opportunity to get big enough to handle whatever happens upon integration. Being two of them I had hoped they'd at least have each other during those difficult early days. Now that it looks like Pika might not make it though I'm worried about what to do for Dixie.

I know chickens are social creatures so leaving her alone in that hutch for two months seems mean. She's a good girl too and I hadn't planned to put her in solitary confinement. She is too little to go into the coop with the bigger girls, especially by herself. Should I go scout craigslist for just one about her age to be friends with her? She appears to be healthy but I don't really want to intro her to the big girls after her pal got so sick. I think I'd like to keep her separate according to my original plan just to be sure. I do realize a new one would be exposed and that's a risk I would have to take.

I don't know what to do! I'm pretty sure my DH won't let her be a house chicken!


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May 31, 2009
You might scout craigslist for a friend for her. Other people have put stuffed animals in, but I'm not sure that would work.

After her quarentine can you move her near the big birds so she knows there's more chickens around? That might work.

Good luck with your Sussex. I love mine.



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Apr 21, 2010
Snohomish, Wa
Oh my dear friend!!! I am so sorry about this!! would you like to have another SLW?? She is the same age as dixie, I am pretty sure, she is NOT sick she is and has been with the originals for a long time now. I would be more than happy for to have her for dixie
We can call her your bday present from me!!

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