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    May 19, 2013
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    Well finally after about a years time I finally finished my LoneOak Chicken Tractor and got it moved to the pasture along the edge of my garden.

    I did the original design and sent It to a friend who put it in a design program SketchUp. The computer design told me what length and angle to use on the cuts and I ended up with hardly any wasted material. The roof even came out where 2 8ft panels were perfect. I installed a PVC feeder and water system with horizontal nipples. I also made nest boxes out of 5gal buckets and installed them in the back.


    There are two doors to allow human access to most all the coop.
    My BIL gave me the weathervane which I painted black and green.

    There is a lever to raise the front wheels but I don't like how it works and may change it.

    The boards that contact the ground are all pressure treated 2x4s
    but the rest are 2x3 to save weight and money.


    Some new residents have already moved in and discovered the feed and water.

    I got eggs in the nest boxes first day but one was in the straw
    so hopefully they will all catch on soon!
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