Loner? Bullying? Misfit or Sick!? Help!

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    May 16, 2016
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    Hi there!
    I'm new to this group as well as owning chickens! I have 6 lady hens. 1 is a Golden Laced Polish - who i'm not sure is sick? a little slow? or what....

    They are still young (bought on Easter- and already had many adult feathers at that time- maybe they were 6 weeks then?)
    I have them in an expend temporarily and in the garage at night because our coop is not quite done yet (ugh). Last night I noticed blood on Tina and examined her butt. It was all bloody and her thick course tail feathers were half missing and some were broken off (where a 1 inch piece was still left). This morning she was all dried up, no more bleeding. She has always separated herself from the others- she's a bit of a loner. I don't have any roosters. I thought maybe she was sick... but when I put her in the group this morning a couple went RIGHT for her but/tail area to peck. I was told about the blue spray but I don't know if that will help since they also pecked at the top (base) of her tail. I separated her all day today (in garage) and just tried again to see if it was one hen pecking- but it was 2 or 3!! I read it's not good to separate her but separate the peckers..... (but my hands are tied b/c I don't have an extra Pen right now..) I wasn't sure if she was sick? Help! what should I do??

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    Hey Sarah,

    Once blood is exposed most chickens will peck at her. It could have initially been one chicken that was mean and drew blood, leading to everyone wanting to peck her now. She doesn't sound sick, just picked on. She does need to be separated until she heals up which should prevent further pecking. While she is separated see if there is one chicken who is a bully and goes after anyone else. Then you can deal with that. But she should be fine separated. Blue Cote Spray would be fine. Once she heals up she'll be fine. No worries, just need to find the instigator.

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