Lonesome Single Chick no one wants to adopt!....**Update** Adopted!


Where did the time go???
12 Years
Aug 14, 2009
Sonoma County, CA
Can anyone help with a word or two of advice?
We have one, day old, chick from the 24 eggs I bought last month (well 18, +6 extras); the bator hadn't yet arrived so I asked a friend to incubate them til it did, then it was unstable so we left them there. The result is one chick, one pip & stop, and we're giving the rest another day or so. I brought it home today.
One Chick!

He/she is very vocal, even when snuggling, so in the house is bad for the marriage.

Our two broodies have 6 two week old chicks out in the chicken tractor, and looked interested in helping but when they saw it wasn't one of theirs they pecked it away. It likes our elder cochins but they too ran it off.
It has the brooder all to itself and is NOT happy. It wanted to snuggle with the dog but the dog is not trustworthy.
I'm hoping the broodies will take it after dark; it's as big as their smallest (their runt).
Ideas? Just slip it in and hope?
I have to work tomorrow =\\
Thanks a bunch!

Also... for folks who incubate eggs for others; what do you charge for it? He won't let me pay him but I want to get the right gift.

**update** adopted by Mrs Blue, the elder Bantam Blue Cochin
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Go to the feed store and get it a buddy, Alamo Feed still has chicks.. I know it's in Sonoma county somewhere as a yahoo group I'm on was talking about it....

Good luck!
Ya know, I`m not sure what kinda temps you have in your area for now and the next few weeks, But here`s an idea for ya. If the hens won`t take the chick, maybe a mature cock will have a go at it. He won`t keep it warm, but may squire it around and keep it company. Of course they would have to be penned away from the others and don`t have a roost in there. You might wanna try it. Has to be a MATURE cock. Good luck.....Pop
Give it a stuff animal or a feather duster. I've had single babies before, within a day or two they become attached to their new "friend" and cry when you take it away to wash it
If your other Hens wont take it yet, and you dont want to get another chick, a hand mirror in the brooder works wonders. My now 3 week old was exactly the same, but is happy by himself with his mirror buddy!
Yup a little mirror works well and a small stuffed toy next to that. I wouldn't stick it in with the boody and hope...I don't think it will survive
I have one lonely too so far, I wish I lived closer to you I would take it in a second! Mine is crying too
I hope I have others hatch
I snuck it in with the broodies last night, and today it's running with the Blue Cochin sf, & may as well be one of her own. It gets left behind only when we go out there... the other nuts run off and it stays in place to say hi to us. Just as busy and active as the 2 weekers! We are monitoring closely just in case.
Thanks all, will have a mirror and a beanie baby or a duster ready for next time.
Our 2 mature cocks might have been just as mean, but will keep them in mind
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