Long incubation times--Austrolops


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May 21, 2015
Hi, Has anyone experienced long incubation times with Austrolops (or other breeds for that matter). I am at day 27 with no hatch. Eggs from to different lines. Incubator at 38c and 55%humidity. I was ready to write them off as non-fertilized but decided to open one & have a look first. (I tried lighting them but couldn't get a clear picture). So I opened one egg and there was a live embryo at about 15-16 days development (see picture). I'm open for suggestions & info....... I don't want to lose this hatch if at all possible. Thanks! Neal


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Nov 23, 2010
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I have not. There is something amiss here. I would never expect a chicken egg of any breed to make it to day 27 with a live embryo. For most breeds of chickens, you can almost set your clock by when they hatch. With proper temperature, as a species, chicken eggs should always hatch at day 21. The exception would be those with extremely tiny eggs like Seramas which may hatch a bit early.
Either the temperature has been way low throughout or you have mistakenly marked your calendar. I've done that before. I don't know what happened but I either made a mistake marking the set date or something but I had a hatch that was way late. I don't think it was the eggs fault, I'm sure it was mine.

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