Long night..only one survived...NEW PICS...***

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  1. Well the saga of the dropped thermometer ended on a sad note tonight. First, the good part! We have a beautiful bantam cochin baby! Maybe a frizzle but I guess you can't tell yet. See pics below.

    Day 23..I went to bed at 1:00 am and woke up to check the last egg at 3:30am. The first chick was sitting in the egg carton pecking away at the egg. It had pecked a hole in the egg (I didn't see a pip at 1:00am but could have missed it) and cracked the shell.

    I check the chick in the shell and could clearly see that it had only one beak. I completed the hatch and the chick indeed has a normal bottom beak and a tiny, twisted top beak. Also, it doesn't have any eyes. [​IMG] It's still alive, barely, but doesn't move much. [​IMG]

    So Egg, you're right...mother nature knows best.

    Has anyone ever had chicks peck the other eggs??



    Look at the size of this baby compared to the 1 week old light brahmas and RIR's on the other side of the wire. I didn't know what to do with the single baby so I improvised a wire barrier so it could see the other chicks but not be pecked by them.
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    Sorry to hear how this turned out. Sad about the deformed little one, too. But you do have one healthy chick! That is a happy thought.

    Edited to say, I can see your pics now! A FUZZYBUTT!
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    I'm sorry that only one made it. I wonder if that chick knew there was something wrong with the other one and was trying to help it out?
  4. Quote:Makes you wonder, doesn't it? The first chick was VERY vocal...I've never heard such loud chirping.
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    Gator Im sorry that things didnt turn out so well. You had everything right so it wasnt something that you could have prevented or changed. Speeking of how the other chick acted, my 2nd round of those Dominiques were like that, it was that long hatch from monday to thursday. Those chicks were awful about chirping and running around pecking at the other eggs, I had to remove them alot quicker than normal. [​IMG]
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    congrats on the baby, my second egg still has not hatched and there is little to no movement or sound. I'm thinking of poking a little hole to get a better look does anyone think this is a good idea? it's day 24
  7. Quote:Yeah...by day 24 if you can't candle and see any movement, I'd probably do just that. But I have to tell ya...I'm a nurse and I want to save the world...so I'm ready to take a peek by day 22. I'm learning to leave well enough alone until at least day 23 - 24. [​IMG]

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