Long past due spraddle leg fix. :(

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    I got a shipment of chicks from Ideal, part for me and part for my mother. The temps dropped the night they were shipped [​IMG] so when they arrived a few of the chicks were pretty weak. I lost two of mine so when my mom told me she had some that weren't doing well I just assumed they were like mine. Fast forward almost two weeks.......she says that it seems strange one of the weak babies legs go out to the side [​IMG] I go over that day and see that, sure enough, the baby has spraddle leg. I put the band aids on her legs and got her a properly sized cup to keep her balance, left with instructions to take her out and exercise her, make sure she is getting plenty to eat and drink, etc. Here is my question, is it too late? After almost two weeks is there any chance she will get better? I feel absolutely horrible that I didn't check sooner and feel like I really let this baby down. [​IMG]
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    Only time will tell. Don't beat yourself up over it.

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