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    Dec 19, 2009
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    I just felt like rambling out loud...er typing out publicly...whatever you know what I mean. The house is too quiet. I've been running for 2 weeks and just got finished with all my running and NOTHING is going on tonight what SO EVER!! I'm bored/tired/understimulated. Ever get that way? I HATE it!!! It gives me too much time to sit and think about things that I am realllly trying to ignore because it makes me feel ill. whisper it...bills...SHHHHHHHH! Yeah, it's one of those days... I hate to sound ungrateful for anything, so I usually just keep it to myself [​IMG] but I felt like typing. I read a few posts on here today/tonight that just made me feel like crying for those poor people. Sometimes it's hard to be content in the skin you're in, and other times it's just a breeze so long as you stay busy and productive. I took my DD 12 to the doctor today and just felt like i had not accomplished anything but in reality I had phoned the bank, the mortgage company, the doctor and somewhere else(??)...stayed on hold FOREVER!! Flled out a ton of paperwork for a home modification, went on a wild hunt for necessary papers to attach for those nosey folks(LOL), cooked breakfast, fed the chickies, administered and graded a Math test for DD12, filled out a weeks worth of homeschool paperwork,and a few other various little time sucking things then fixed lunch ate and left for her 2 o'clock appt!! This on little sleep due to hatching chickies all last night and today..9 fluff butts YAY!!! I guess I'm just feeling a little bit uhhhh..... unmotivated, distracted, and just can't stand it any more. I want a stinkin JOB!! I have tried to stay busy with things around the house, but there is only so many times you can sweep a floor without starting to sweep the finish off! I live my life vicariously through other peoples posts lately and I'm getting on my own nerves doing that crap already..LOL!! Sometimes I think I may just be going a little bit nutty...how bout you? Feeling the itch to DO SOMETHING but no ammount of doing is satisfying the urge to DO and you always feel like your not doing enough simply because things that you have NO control over are left undone?????????? I'm only one house payment behind now and late on a couple more bills and THIS is what it does to me!!! I just go stoopid and feel COMPLETELY out of control...
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    we all have those days. I know what you mean about not working. I stay busy but there is just something missing when you dont get to leave all the "home" problems there and go out to a job everyday. My daughter is in the same boat she has been out of work for 2 years now She does crafts,plays online most of the day and has become a intovert. When she finally lays a job I dont think she will be happy either. I sometimes envy my DH that he gets to leave even if it is for work. At least he gets to talk to adults. Hang in there girl it has to get better Micki
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    [​IMG] momma!!!!!! Motivated? What's that? [​IMG]
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    Its ok I am always one bill behind the others and spend hours on hold with them to get another extension to pay. I want a job too, but can't get one untill I finish a course I am going to do online next month. Kids are on school holidays (Australia) and are driving me nuts with their never ending energy and they also get into everything. They have to get all the photos out and proceed to take them all out of the photo albums, that I spent months arranging in order. They want to cook all the time, but when I do cook with them, when my back is turned washing something up they stick an extra ingrediant in it and it ends up tasting horrible. For example who would eat Lasagne with peanut butter in it? Our old dog is acting very weird. I think its old age and she continues to bark all night for no reason and no matter what you do. Over here in Sydney I am getting sick of the 40F plus 105-110C days and the hot humid nights. My mother drives me nuts with her constant calling about anything. I know she is alone, but I don't want to know about some new add on TV for a new thing-a-bebob and couldn't care less if my sister is doing something I am not with her kids. She also asks me all the time what I am doing or what my husband is doing. My husband get quite funny and tells her he is going to the toilet and asks her if she would like to know if it is number 1's or 2's.
    I could continue, but would have to be committed, by the time I finished.
    So what I am saying is your not alone, there are alot of us having to much stupid stuff going on in their lives and don't feel like they are achieving anything worth anything, but we are - we are holding everything together for the people we love.
  5. Cindiloohoo

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    Dec 19, 2009
    Southwest TN
    What is really pitiful is I suddenly love grocery shopping LOL! I just crave the outside interaction I guess. I am SO NOT introverted at all!! This is driving me mad! What set it off? A stinking $39 late fee on my Lowe's card, and I fall to pieces after 5 months of struggling and squeaking by..it's just too much. Maybe I'm in shock...I didn't mind the $27 late fee added to my house payment..but the Lowe's thing set me into an out of control tailspin nosedive into craziness! Go figure. My rope is short these days [​IMG]
  6. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008
    I soooo sympathize! [​IMG]

    I was laid off almost 3 years ago when the company closed and have had only a few short-term jobs since. Now I can't find anything at all. So I do the mindless chores, and yes, the grocery store has become my social life! (and no, they're not hiring-I keep asking) But I don't like to shop when there is no money, so it's a Catch-22 situation.

    There are some phone calls from dear friends and those help keep me sane. The majority of the calls are bill collectors, and having run out of ways to say "no money", I have quit answering.

    I sell what I can online and Craig's List, but the one truck we really need to sell just doesn't seem to get any interest, even though it's at half the Blue Book value. The chickens aren't laying much, so no eggs to sell. Luckily, I have been a packrat all my life- and then I got tired of moving boxes all over and never unpacking them. Started selling the clutter off and I am loving it! Sales are a bit down right now, but it'll be back! Meanwhile, every item gone means more space in the house.

    No children, so I spend my days talking to 3 cats, 2 dogs and 35 chickens. Evenings, I try to let DH decompress, but sometimes I just have to talk with him and he is very obliging.

    One thing that has helped tremendously is BYC- I get to "talk" with all huge variety of people, never boring! And my other mind game with myself is trying to figure out how to stretch every dollar as far as it will go, it gets interesting sometimes. I now look at everything thinking, how many ways can I use that? Or sometimes, I wonder if someone will buy that?

    Hang in there Yoohoo, it has to get better!
  7. Cindiloohoo

    Cindiloohoo Quiet as a Church Mouse

    Dec 19, 2009
    Southwest TN
    [​IMG] Ranchie, that's EXACTLY IT!!! I don't toss anything without a second glance first to think of how it could be used!! I have an RV that I am trying to sell...that isn't cooperating and have it listed at well below retail and this thing is LOADED with extra stuff and fairly new (a 2006 Dutchmen Denali)but it JUST WON'T MOVE!! How annoying... [​IMG] Yeah see I know most folks are in the same boat, but I want off the ride [​IMG] and am trying but.... nuffin happenin [​IMG] I guess i just finally needed a vent for my frustrations [​IMG]

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