Long Rant: Annoying Brother!!!! Arghh...

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    Aug 19, 2008
    My younger brother is really annoying and he's a bully...And today, he seems to be ESPECIALLY annoying!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    First of all, my brother likes attention; and he likes to get it in a negative way. Always has, always will. He gets attention when he's bored by bullying, nagging, or being loud/rude and getting in people's way on purpose...including me. [​IMG] If he's bored or irritated, or if he's jealous of something that I have, he will purposely try to annoy me by making loud, annoying noises, nagging, or something else. In other words, he will bully when he's bored.

    For example, today my dad told me to do my chores before getting on the laptop and getting on BYC, as usual. So I take care of the chickens, spend all morning cleaning the whole bathroom, and then I get on the laptop. Well, my brother still had to do his chore and he wanted to get on the laptop. So, in order to get his chore done faster and better, in his opinion, my younger sisters had to be outside because "they were getting in the way". So he made a big fuss about it and told them to go outside. Oh, and did I tellyou he's also bossy? Yep, and when my sisters told him that they didn't want to go outside because it's chilly out and there's nothing to do outside, he got our water squirter and started squirting them. That didn't work, it just made my sisters hide in their bedroom. So he started banging on their door and telling them to get outside NOW. That didn't work and he couldn't break the door down, so he said that he would kill my younger sister's favorite hen if she didn't go outside. Of course we knew he wouldn't really do that, but what would he do? So he goes outside, catches the hen, and says that he will throw her off the porch by her feet if my sisters didn't go outside. [​IMG] Talk about cruel and immature. And no I couldn't get him to put the hen down, unless I punched him or something, which I wouldn't do of course. So my sisters finally went outside, and he made sure that the were all the way outside before he gave me the hen and I put her outside. Even when the door wasn't all the way shut, and when I tried to take the hen, he said, "Nope, they aren't all the way outside." [​IMG] So finally I took the hen and put her outside safely.
    Now that my sisters were outside, my brother started vacuuming. But he wasn't done with his bossing yet. He started nagging about how HE had to the clean while I was on the laptop on "stupid backyardchickens.com" (yep, that's what he said). [​IMG] I ignored him, and when I did this, he got even more mad. He started nagging about how we shouldn't even have chickens because they are worthless, dirty, a waste of money, and we should just sell them all. Oh and he said how dumb BYC is because all we post about is chickens and it's a waste of time! [​IMG] Arrggghhh!!!! He makes me so mad!
    But when he noticed that I was just ignoring him (remember how I said he likes to get attention in negatives ways?), he said, "If you don't get off the laptop I'm unplugging the internet!" I explained to him that our dad said that when I did my chore, which I did do, then I could get on. But, he didn't care. He unplugged the internet cord. Yup, apparently he thinks he has the power to do that. But while dad's away, he does. So O told him to plug it in, he told me I had to say sorry. "How old is he? Two?" I thought. Eventually he plugged it back in.

    This isn't the worst he has done. He has threatened to unplug my incubator while eggs were in it last Summer (he has hermit crabs and he needed a light bulb for them because he lost his. So he wanted to take mine from the incubator). And I wouldn't let him so he said he would unplug it and toss the incubator out on the porch. He never really did it though, luckily. [​IMG]

    ARRGHHH!!!! [​IMG]
  2. Did you talk to your parents about this? I would not allow my son to do any of that to his sisters. It's important for you to confront your parents about the problem with your brother. It's not tattle taling...like many siblings and kids would think.

    Talk to your parents.
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    If he was my son and behaving like that I'd definately want to know. Tell your Mom.
  4. 77horses

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    Aug 19, 2008
    Quote:Yeah I tell my mom and she says that it's tattle tailing. I tell my dad and he says, "he's just having a hard time." (because my parents are divorced and we have to go from my mom's house to my dad's house every once and a while. [​IMG]
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    You need to talk to your parents and have them intervene. Unless he has been given the job of babysitting your sisters he should not be requiring them to go outside. Boundaries need to be set so that each of you know your boundaries--what you may do, and when. Consequences also need to be set for inappropriate behavior, which includes threats.

    Each of us have our own interests and things that we find uninteresting. Unless you are requiring him to surf backyard chickens with you or to participate in your chicken raising, it is no concern of his, and your parents need to tell him this.
  6. Sonoran Silkies

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    Tempe, Arizona
    Tell your dad that you, too are having a hard time. Try to get a recording of what your brother is saying. Keep a record of what he is doing, both good things and bad ones. At the end of a week or two show it to your parents (make a copy for each one) and ask them how you are supposed to deal with this.

    It is THEIR job to properly raise their children, not to leave them struggling in an abbusive situation, which is definitely what he is doing with your younger sisters. If they will not listen or intervene, speak to a teacher or school counselor.
  7. divorce issues or not, boundaries must be set and no it is not tattle taling. My husband would take the belt to my son's butt if he treats his sisters like that, We don't spank usually but he is VERY strict with my son on respecting his little sisters (daddy's girls!) and that type of behavior would not be tolerated.

    I would ask your parents to have a "meeting" with them and your sisters and tell them what is going on and how you feel about it. Parents need to listen to the kids, it's just as important as feeding and clothing them.
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    As a parent I would want to know what the heck is going on when I am not there and I leave one of the older kids in charge. The younger ones are pretty good at keeping the older ones in line as far as the bullying. I try to listen to all sides of the story and then make my call. Making a recording of your brother is an excellent idea, you can even do that on the laptop I believe.

    I do not know how old your brother is, or the ages of yourself and your sisters; if MY older brother ever treated me that way he would live to regret it. There are moves that can bring any size person to their knees....... I am NOT advocating that you do such a thing, but if he is knocked down a peg or two he may reconsider what he is doing.

    If he is threatening your animals I would definitely want to know about it, even threatening to harm an animal just to get your way is a red flag in my book.

    Good luck, and let us know what you decide to do.
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    This kid feels powerless for some reason, so he's exercising control wherever and whenever he can. He can't control his own life, so he'll control his siblings' lives. My opinion is that he needs to be empowered in a more appropriate way...like, empowered over his own life, as much as can be safely allowed for his age.

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