Long term~Diarrhea, now uninterested in food/water, seems tired

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    Our hen started having a slight case of diarrhea when she started laying a couple months ago. She is a barred rock 8months old. She has started staying away from the other birds a few weeks ago, but I thought it was because our drake had "matured." And was a bit harassing of the hens. She did have a bit of blood on her eggs for a while and after we fed her some yogurt, and other recommended things she seemed much more herself(bleeding stopped), yet still had slight diarrhea. So I thought that was just her and didn't worry about it.
    Yesterday I noticed she didn't leave the coop and was on her favorite perch every time I looked. But we were installing windows in another part of the house and it didn't occur to me any thing was wrong until this morning she didn't come out to get her 6 grain scratch. I found her still on her perch and I got her down. Under her perch is VERY WET droppings, I have never seen her have this before.
    She took a couple pecks out of my hand when I offered her seed. And she was thirsty, (yeah!). I am happy she is standing on her own, and walks a few steps now and then.
    We have offered her every suggestion I have found, oatmeal, yogurt, hardboiled eggs, buttermilk/feed, hot mash of her feed and molasses. I heard electrolites in the water. I made up a batch of homemade pedialite and gave her that. She has drank some, (yeah).

    I googled worms and one site said they stay away from others and act tired and sounded just like her. But went to Wilco a farm store we have and the guy said to get an Antibacterial solution to ad to the water. He said she got something from the wild birds, Toxin-something. I bought the worm meds and this antibacterial.

    I put some of the antibacterial in her water jug, and a little bit mixed with water into her mouth. I don't think she has taken any water on her own since I added the meds.

    I brought her inside because even when I lowered the heat lamp she still seemed cold, all puffed. Inside she is standing, taking a few steps now and then. And seems interested in a bowl of scratch, though haven't seen her actually eating any.
    (outside earlier she did peck a couple times at feed/seed on the ground.) but would just stand in one spot for a few minutes. She is preening a bit so I have great hope.

    They have a covered dog run, a small house, and have access to my entire backyard, with our other hen and our drake/duck pair. We have had a heat lamp on for a couple months since she has had this slight diarrhea.

    She did stop laying a couple days ago, but I thought it was because of winter. Since lots of people keep telling me they shouldn't be laying right now.

    I think if I can get some more insight she can pull through what ever is bothering her. Searching online I have been reading much worse off hens.

    She IS NOT tipping over, laying down,sneezing, leaking fluid from her face, I do not feel she is swollen.
    I appreciate your help

    This is the site that offered signs of worms if anyone/everyone would let me know if this seems accurate to you I would appreciate it greatly.

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    I would probably try worming her though she seems a bit young for this, if it is wazine they sold you. I suppose you have ruled out lice/mites? A little permethrin/pyrethrin spray or dust never hurts.
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    I did buy wazine 17, it was the only wormer I saw. I am trying to figure out how to properly worm her. I only have two chickens (& two ducks). Bottle only says how to do 100. I was hoping when I went to the store that it would be a paste to squirt in there mouths.

    I don't know anything about lice/mites. Never seen any bugs on them. I will google what to look for now. Thnks.

    I checked a couple sites about what the signs of mites and lice are, I don't see anything pointing to them. What makes you think of them?
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    I'm having trouble with my black copper maran. she is moving around though. no feathers around her rear. she is eating and active. my birds have been in the basement and only in contact with pine chips from a plastic covered bail. i haven't seen if she has diarrhea but she does have white on her feathers going down toward her legs on the feathers. what does she have???? I don't know what to do?? first time having birds.
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    Because mites and lice can run a chicken down real fast the same with worms. I have seen others say on here not to treat for worms and give antibiotics at the same time, so I'd do one then the other. In 7 days you'll need to reworm because wazine only kills round worms. I would suggest Epernix because it also will kill any mites or lice they could have.. Hope she recovers for you... and no feathers around the rear makes me think someone might be plucking her. This happens alot this time of year when birds are being confined because of the weather. look them over real good around the vent area, under their wings, for lice or mites..

    Debbie are your birds confined to the basement with no outside time at all?
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    1)My girl doesn't have any problem with feathers. Tail or otherwise.

    2) this bottle says antibacterial (not antibiotics)

    I get now why ddawn mentioned mite/lice, but her biggest problem has been diarrhea.
    I don't see diarrhea caused my mites.

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