Long Term Effects of Heat Stroke


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Feb 10, 2012
2 weeks ago 3 of my orpingtons got trapped in an area where they were exposed to 95 degree heat with no shade or water. I lost my black roo and blue hen. The Lavender hen was very near death. She could not stand, she was gasping for air and could not hold her head up. I put her feet in cool water and she revived quite quickly. I separated her and gave her electrolyte water. I fully expected her to be dead in the morning. She was not. I kept her separate for a couple of days and then put her back with the flock.

2 Weeks have passed she seemed to be fine. I noticed 2 days ago that she was not eating and getting bullied. I have separated her and again offered her electrolyte water and feed. She has not taken food or water in 2 days.

I am guessing that the severe heat did some internal damage and that there is probably little that I can do. But if you have any suggestions I would be willing to give it a go.
You're right about internal damage; brain, kidneys etc...organs can possibly swell.
Brain damage can effect muscles, including the ability of the bird to open its beak to eat, swallow and so on. This could possibly be the reason she hasnt eaten/drank in 2 days.
For the last 2 weeks she has been alert (she is still alert) and active...
You will need to hand feed. Get some buttermilk soaked bread, or make a wet mash to encourage the bird to eat.
Hot or cold weather, keep a good quality vitamin-mineral-electrolyte powder in the water (Avian Super Pack). Always provide a shaded area big enough to keep the water out of the sun as well as the birds. I hope your bird recovers well.

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