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6 Years
Sep 7, 2013
Western Australia
We're not new to chickens (or gazing over this forum), but we are new to poultry genetics, show standards and manual incubating.

Our chookie interest has finally led us to the point of trying incubating eggs ourselves and deciding we want to breed and maintain our chosen breeds to the standards we have here in Australia.
We've had x breed chickens and a couple beautiful pure Wyandotte's and Orpington's over the years but have now converted to Australorp's and Barnevelder's and fallen in love

We still have our broody wyandotte hen and a couple of the old girls, but have decided we want to stick with keeping our chickens true to breed and type so want to start our first 'official' breeding line in the Australorp's and Barnevelder's.

I'm on a mission this season to find, incubate and raise quality Australorp's and hopefully some more Barnevelder's if I can get fertile eggs over this way

I have loved reading through all the posts in this forum and have gained much useful information and advice.
I LOVE that a community can connect like this, from all across the world!
Thanks everyone.

I'll head over to the Oz thread some time this morning.
I only have 8 BYC pages open in tabs this time, so I should be able to get there some time today LOL :caf

Thanks CB and CG, have sent a reply.
Sorry about the length of it :duc

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