Longtail cockerel


10 Years
Dec 22, 2009
Free to a good home, cockerel was born beginning of September. Stunning mix breed, half cubalaya, half RIR. "Shaggy" is a sweetheart who will jump in your lap for treats. His daddy has taught him to be a very cautious flock guardian. My boys don't just growl at hawks, they send the flock running for the air raid shelter. His lovely tail and hackles are still feathering so who knows how pretty he will become!
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I hate to just eat him - the kids won't let me. It isn't that we haven't culled birds before, this guy just has a winning "personality". And his upright carriage and brooding brow line have a stronger Asian flavor than I expected.
I only have a trio of pure cubas. I didn't know about Shamo in the RIRs - he sure got a big dose of THAT in his looks, except for the amount of feathers. This spring I am hoping to make more. He is caged alone right now because he figured out he was bigger than daddy yesterday. No harm done, but I don't want to take any chances.
I will be taking him along to the swap meet at Winchester TSC this Saturday,March 10. I may be able to throw in a bag of layer pellets - my girls don't like them.

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