Longtails and crosses for sale, Dallas, Ga.

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    This sale is for pickup or shipping, I can do both. The birds are as follows:
    One pair of longtails. They are both fibromelanotic (black-skinned like a silkie) and peacombed, and brown red in color.
    Pics available if anyone is interested. $15 for the pair, they are young birds.

    also, a few other longtail crosses and one blue, laying type pullet. Young birds are $4 each.

    I also have a few BB Red Phoenix hens for sale. Nothing wrong with them, in fact they are really nice. I just have more than I need. $10 each.
    Assorted other hens are $10 each also.

    feel free to ask any questions here or pm me. whichever you prefer.

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