LOOK!!!! 15 RARE CHICKENS HATCHING EGGS $40.00 (shipping included)

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    Feb 28, 2011
    I am running a fall special: this is a great time to hatch baby chicks, the weather is cooler now and it is perfect shipping time for the eggs. Hatch the chicks now and the pullets will be laying for the spring. I have 15 rare chicken hatching eggs to sell for $40.00 (shipping included). If you are looking for some really nice chickens, here is your opportunity to get a great assortment of eggs for a great price. I set my incubator last week and that will be my last setting for the season. I have some extra eggs each day, so I am able to offer this great assortment of eggs. Fertility has been tested, I have been hatching chicks from my birds since early January, the hatch rate has been great. If you would like to purchase some eggs, or have any questions, please send send a private message, please do not post it as a reply.
    These eggs will be from pure-bred birds, the chickens are all housed separately by breed. The chicken eggs will be sold as ASSORTMENTS ONLY! The eggs included in the CHICKEN assortments could be from the following chickens: True Ameraucanas (black, blue, lavender, and splash), Barnevelders, Black Copper Marans, Blue Isbars, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Blue Marans, Crested Cream Legbars, Partridge Penedesencas, and Wheaten Marans. I will include eggs from some or all of these birds, I can't promise how many of which/what breed, but it will be a great assortment! For this special price, the eggs are available as assortment only (my hen's choice of breeds) you CANNOT choose or request only certain breeds, the assortment will consist of the extra eggs that my hens provide me with before shipping.
    The eggs will be gathered for 1 - 2 days before shipping. The eggs are $40.00 for 15 eggs (USPS Priority Mail shipping included). I am running this special right now, The eggs will ship on Wednesday or Saturday.
    All my breeder birds are fed 16% Lay Pellets and are given vitamins/electrolytes daily in the water. Due to shipping and different incubation techniques, I cannot guarantee the hatch rate, after the eggs leave my hands.
    Send me a Private Message and purchase some eggs today. Payment must be sent by PayPal only, that is the only method of payment I will accept, if the eggs are shipped. If you pick the eggs up, I do accept cash also. Thanks for looking and purchasing.

    AMERAUCANAS: (Blue, Black, and Splash) These rare beautiful birds are excellent layers of blue/green colored eggs and have muffs and a beard, these are show quality birds. I only have 1 breeding pen now, I have 1 Blue and 1 Splash rooster will all Blue hens. This pen will produce blue, black, and splash chicks. These birds are APA recognized.

    LAVENDER AMERAUCANAS: These birds are all true Ameraucanas, all my birds are muffed and bearded. My stock comes from excellent linage including: Harry Shaffer and John Blehm.

    BARNEVELDERS: These rare Dutch chickens are very beautiful show quality birds, with their double-laced plumage, they are good layers of dark brown eggs. These birds are APA recognized.

    BLUE ISBARS: These are extremely rare birds, it is believed there are less than 100 of these birds in existence. My birds came from Greenfire lines. The chicks will be blue, black, or splash in color. The hens lay beautiful speckled, olive, mint, or mossy green eggs. The Isbars are beautiful exotic birds.

    BLUE LACED RED WYANDOTTES: These very rare birds are very beautiful with their blue/red laced feathers. I have several bloodlines including Foley, Paul, and Valentine. They are excellent layers of light brown eggs.

    BLACK COPPER MARANS: These rare show quality birds are excellent dark brown egg layers. My pullets are from: Channing Grisham, Ron Presley, Wade Jeane, and Bev Davis bloodlines. My roosters were purchased directly from Green Fire Farms, they are from their newly imported French bloodlines. All my birds are feathered legged. These birds are APA recognized.

    BLUE MARANS: These rare birds are also dark brown eggs layers, these birds are from quality bloodlines. The chicks will hatch blue or splash in color. I have a Splash and Black rooster with all solid blue pullets. All my Marans are feathered legged.

    CRESTED CREAM LEGBARS: These extremely rare birds, they have spiky feather crest and the hens lay sky-blue eggs. The chicks are an auto-sexing breed. Male chicks will have a white spot behind their heads and female chicks will have well-defined "chipmunk" stripes on their face and on their backs.b The eggs are from the new imported lines, I purchased my chicks last November directly from Greenfire Farms.

    PARTRIDGE PENEDESENCAS: These birds are extremely rare, they are a Spanish breed of chicken, that lay dark brown eggs. This breed was nearly extinct in the early '80s.

    WHEATEN MARANS: These Marans are extremely rare, they are dark brown egg layers, they are from several lines including: Bev Davis, Ron Presley, and Buddy Henry, all my birds are feathered legged.
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    May 2, 2013
    Good luck in your sales. I prefer to purchase from an established outlet to reduce in the transmission of diseases. You have a lot of varieties there.....do they all have their own coops and runs?
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    Great looking chicks!
    If you note the pictures above it will answer your question. Looks like this classified is closed.
    I prefer small breeders like you @Cowgirl75446 big establishments have convinced me to stay away from them. Their quality sucks and they just want my money. I want to buy from people who love their birds. :)
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    I only replied to this post to get it off the "Unanswered" posts list. We are on a mission to reduce the hundreds and hundreds of posts there @NatureChica come and help, lol.

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