Look-a-like of this coop?

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  1. Zahboo

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    Feb 3, 2009
    Hope Mills, NC

    like this coop, but after considering, with BYCer's help, decided it's a little small. I was hoping to make the base 4x8. The run part would be 8x3. The coop would be 4x4 and the exterior nesting box would be like theirs.

    I want to do the frame out of 2x2s so I know it has to be sturdy. Any thing would be helpful

  2. the-metal-peddler

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    If you want to use gussets to support the joints that might be an option. Adding the steel gussets would support the frame making the joints stronger. Adding gussets at 90 degrees from another will help sure it up.

    I am not much of a wood worker, but I did build some tomatoe support towers from 2 x 2 last year. The key to keep them from splitting is to pre-drill your holes a little smaller than the size of screws/nails your using.

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