look at all my broodies *PICS*


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Mar 12, 2008
Los Angeles CA
after not bieng home alot and only having time to just feed and water, i did some organization today becuase all these girls are sitting on eggs that have been set for different amounts of time, i candled them all and put similar stage eggs in nests together with the moms, marked the eggs with pen so i can tell which are new eggs, and tonight all these hens will go into a broody pen:)

here are the girls




and here is my hen who just hatched some babies

and here is a broody i found in the shaving bale barn

i also have alot of broodies in horse feeders taht i didnt get pics of


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Jun 26, 2008
Those are pretty hens. Lots of broody girls.
Mine are all trying to hide eggs now as well.

The shavings one reminded me of a funny story.
I accidently knocked over a half full bail of shavings when cleaning stalls the other day, with the muck cart. I didn't think anything of it, just left it, went and had lunch. Later went down to finish my stalls. Picked up the bag of shavings to dump into a stall. I just happened to look into the bag before dumping it, and I saw the bottoms of two feathered feet. YIKES! I grabbed them and pulled up my self blue d'uccle hen. She was no worse for wear, but wow, how long had she been upside down burried in the bedding. Poor girl.


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Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
I wish I had room to seperate all my broodies!! I have (right now) 7 on eggs and 9 or 10 with chicks, I can't remember
Two of the broody girls just recently, within the last couple weeks, left their chicks and are broody again!! It's crazy I tell ya!!

I had all 4 of my silkies brooding at the same time, 2 each in 2 nests. So now I have 2 silkie hens that are sharing 4 chicks, one silkie hen that has given up, since a different hen was setting with those two. All the babies have decided to go with the other hen, so the silkie has none. There is yet another hen that is setting with the still brooding silkie, and she has gotten to taking the new chicks as they hatch. So one of the original silkies is still setting on eggs. Hopefully she will eventually decide that some of the chicks are hers and quit
They were fine when it was 2 silkies, but when it got to be 4 hens on one nest?? That's when things got a little crazy!!

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