Look at my animals living in harmony-----> PICS!!!!!

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    My family, we love our chickens, and since we've started raising chickens, we've had quite a few special needs chicks and chickens that needed extra love and care, so they came to live inside. Right now we have an 11 week old chick that just didn't grow like the other chicks did, and only got 4 wing feathers total. He's still covered in down. His name is Maggie (yeah, my mother consistently names the sickly chicks girls names in hopes that they will prove to be girls, and inevitably they ALWAYS turn out to be roos, lol!) and I'm thinking he is Mille Fleur d'Uccle x Bantam Buff Orpington. He's a little brown fuzzball, and oh so sweet. He knows his name and will come running when he hears it. He's only about the size of a 3 week old chick, so putting a diaper on him is not possibly. He has free run of the first floor and walks around quietly for the most part, only complaining if he's hungry or cold. About 9 weeks ago one of our cats had some kittens. She had snuck out of the house the month before and the neighbor's cats must have romanced her. Anyway, we ended up with 4 kittens. At that time Maggie was living inside with his surrogate mama, my White Silkie hen Holly. Holly decided that she was done with Maggie right around the 6 week mark, so we put her back out, but not Maggie. It was getting too cold for him, and with no one to snuggle under, he would shake like a little leaf, so we decided to keep him inside. Maggie has other problems too and we don't expect that we will have him long, but we're enjoying his company while we do. Well, Maggie learned that the kittens make mighty nice heating pads, so he would snuggle down between them as they slept, and they didn't know any better, so they let him. He now sleeps with them every chance he gets. He also likes my 15 year old mama cat who kind of adopted the kittens after they were already weaned. Boo Boo, that's my 15 year old cat, will lay in the kitty bed with the kittens piled around her, and in the middle will be Maggie! Sometimes it's just Boo Boo and Maggie, and she doesn't mind. They keep each other warm. The kittens are now 9 weeks old and the ones we're not keeping (3 of the 4 are going) will be leaving soon. For the most part they leave Maggie alone, though occasionally I'll hear him scream and see him running, and then I know one of his kitten "siblings" is chasing him. Of course the kitten is just playing like a normal kitten, but Maggie screams like he's being killed. I'll yell at the kitten, and as soon as I do, they immediately stop. Now we have a pair of Seramas living in the house as well. Charlie and Eve. Charlie doesn't bother the cats, and the cats don't bother him. He's an adult and feisty, so I think they're wary of him, but no one pecks anyone. Here are a couple of pics to show you how well everyone gets along. I love it, I feel like we're special, even though we're probably not, lol.

    Here is Maggie in the bed with a couple of the kittens. Boo Boo, my old lady, as I call her, is in the lower right corner.

    Here the kittens are in the window sunbathing, and Maggie is right with them. How cute is this?

    Here he is snuggling up with Tess:

    I hope everyone gets a kick out of Maggie. We now call him our chikitten, lol.
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    Those are great pictures.

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    That is so sweet.
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    What a snuggle bug chick. [​IMG]

    Proof everyone loves chicken (or a chick [​IMG] )
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    sweet pics! [​IMG]
  6. That second one is just awesome! [​IMG]
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    What a lovable guy! [​IMG]

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