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Feb 12, 2009
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This is the call duck that I am having trouble with. They are 3-4 weeks old. I have had them for 2 weeks. The tiny one "Pippin" has not grown at all. After a visit to an avian vet yesterday, we still don't know. She thinks it may be something genetically wrong. Pippin eats, drinks, poops and plays just like the others...............!?!?

My friend had one like that and once he made sure it was getting plenty of food, it seemed to catch up. The other ducks were more aggressive with eating and it was causing the little one to get food, just not enough. So keep plenty of food down for them.

Or maybe it is a Mallard, they are smaller. I know you said Call, but if the people have more than one type of duck, you never know.
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I have a three-day-old mallard right now that's IDENTICAL to your freakishly small duckie.

I hope you're little guy/gal is okay - if it's active and eating and pooping, I guess I wouldn't worry too much!
The vet put him on antibiotics and when I take him out to give it to him, they all scream with seperation anxiety. I can't seperate them, and the vet said she would not cause that particular stress either. He does eat all the time and the others don't pick on him. As a matter of fact they seem to take real good care of him.
I had something similar happen to one of my ducklings that eventually passed away due to genetic defects. However he passed away on day 6 after his birth so the fact that your duckling is 3 weeks old is a good thing b/c it means he probably won't have the same fate.

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