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May 3, 2010
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K, maybe I'm just grumpy this morning but I'm not impressed with the website enough to consider buying a bird from them. It's very pretty and there are nice pics of the birds but...

There is nothing on the site about the breeder explaining how they built their flocks, the lineage of the birds, or how long they have been breeding. Nothing about the laying rates of their flocks or if they are shown and how many shows the birds have won. Not much on the price of the stock.

Here are the type of breeders I'm comfortable with:

* There are a few small breeders that raise many breeds but they are well known in the BYC community - Sands Poultry or Holldereads for example. I would pay a little more to get a bird in my flock from these breeders.

* There are many small breeders here that specialize in a few breeds and have a fabulous reputation for getting new genes in their breeding pool and creating consistently well-bred stock that meets the type requirement for showing (same with the breeders above too). I would pay a lot more for a bird from one of these flocks to get new, good genes in my pool.

* There are breeders - usually small - that are working on new bird colors or other improvements. I might buy from them if the are working on something I'm interested in.

* There are hatcheries. Which I have purchased from to get birds when I was starting out and needed to get a cheap source of many breeds to determine which ones I would pursue in future years.

* There are my small local breeders that I buy turkey poults from. I know the guy and he focuses on 2 types of turkeys and 1 type of chicken. He's been breeding birds for at least 30 years.

Maybe the breeder is known locally in Canada where he/she lives? Don't know. I agree it's a very pretty website but I personally would not order birds from them until I knew the info I mentioned in the first paragraph.

If this is someone on BYC who owns the website - no insult meant towards you - maybe adding some more info on your breeding program/lines/experience would provide more assurance to your buyers that they are getting a quality bird.

xIndigoSkyx good luck. Maye more people will chime in and either confirm that I am super grumpy before I have my coffee in the morning or mention some things that may be helpful when advertising good quality birds for sale.


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Dec 4, 2010
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I know they boy personally he's shy and is kinda stiff with his writing. I just wanna get as big as him and as much business. Well good to know that if I ever wanted to make a website I know how to make it.

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I think the website looks nice. I am sure much better than anything I could put together.

If you know the owner, Indigo Sky, please pass on a couple of suggestions:

I would like to know if those are photos of his own birds or stock photos that he is using. If they are actually photos of his own birds and his own facilities, it will help him if he says so. It would help immensely in evaluating what he is selling.

Also, he needs a price list somewhere on the site.

If he has done any showing or winning, it wouldn't hurt to mention that. Some people don't show, and that is fine. He doesn't have to say that he hasn't shown. But if he has shown, he should mention it.

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My Coop
You might want to take a look at my website: www.funkyfeathers.com. I have been breeding, selling & showing birds for 10 years. I am working on the Mille Fleur Cochin (bantam) project, and feel I have some of the best Splash Cochins out there (Thanks to Mandy at the Cochin Coop). I also take pride in my quality Butterscotch Calls from Jerry & Rebecca Foley & Dennis Fuller. Please let me know what you think of my website. I work hard to update it regularly with new pics, info & show wins.
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