Look at what I found in my living room...


9 Years
Sep 13, 2010
Suprise, Arizona
...A chicken! Somebody left the arcadia door open, and she helped herself. She came in and sat down on the rug to 'dustbathe'.



We came home one day with landmines though out the house. Yep, left the backdoor open and the chickens wanted a look around.
That is SO cute!!! What a sweetie! And dust-bathing on the carpet!
My back door screen does not latch tight, which up until now hasn't been an issue. Been okay, matter of fact. I can dead bolt it at night, if necessary. Dogs nose it open to come in (and of course to go out, too, although they have a dog door). The dog door opens from the guest bedroom to the front of the house; the back door is the kitchen door. Which door do you think anybody would rather use??

Well, when the dogs nose their way out, sometimes - not always - the screen swings further open and doesn't fall back into closed position.

There are often visitors in my kitchen. The usual suspects are the Cayuga duck pair, who stop at the dog water dish and dog kibble dish.

Occasionally, one or another of the chickens will wander inside, and take a look around.

Either situation highly offends one of my two miniature dachshunds. Dooley goes NUTS and barks and barks at the feathered visitor(s), letting me know (if I'm out in the yard, or maybe in the bathroom or somewhere I can't see the interlopers) somebody's in the house that shouldn't be there.

The chickens and ducks just look at him. When I show up, they sort of non-chalantly turn around and wander back out, as if they we planning on going back outside just at that moment, anyway. I never have to herd them outside.

They're such hoots.

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