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Mar 18, 2008
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My Coop
Found a FEW
, LOL They have the whole bottom of the incubator covered and there are still a few in the hatching tray.
I just got there brooder box ready when this thunder storm came rolling in...so I am waiting to make sure the storm has passed before I put them in the box(afraid the power might go off and they would stay warmer in the incubator if it did). So I just took a couple of pic through the "looking glass" . I got a little bit of everything in there.

I took about 70 chicks to the outdoor brooder battery yesterday, I keep them inside until they are several days old because out weather here is up and down a bit.

Anyone want to guess How Many chicks ? I'll do a count as I place them in brooder box.

in the bottom

and in the tray(mostly shells but still a few chicks)

I'll post some more pics after I get them into the brooder box.
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Ok, I think the storm has passed. I am going to move them to the brooder, so I it will take me a few minutes. I have to dip each beak in some water.

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