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  1. Ema

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    Jun 4, 2010
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    Someone I know, was getting rid of this little one, she has had him for a few months and she was telling me how sick and tired she was of him because he pees in he house all the time. She told me she just doesn't have the patience to train him and would often forget to bring him out or feed him.
    this dog is three yrs old, and has been from one home to another only staying for a few months before each the owners gave up on him and relocated him.

    well after hearing the story I spoke with Dh who agreed this was no life for any animal and we bought him home. We are planning on neutering him and take all the time he needs to be trained. We've got 5 big dogs who are currently crying to come play with him, introductions will wait till the morning so they can all have one on one time with him. I know my dogs will love him.
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  2. Pelican49

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    Jan 26, 2008
    Awwww good for you and hubby. He's really cute. What's his name?
  3. dkvart1

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    Nov 5, 2010
    cute little guy and so very sweet of you and hubby to give him a chance at a real home!
  4. Ema

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    Jun 4, 2010
    N. Ontario CANADA
    Quote:hi name is Hank, and he is soo sweet to my kids. I never thought I would have a small little dog in my house or that DH would even agree to it. but Dh likes him, lol....
  5. StevenW.

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    Oct 7, 2010
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    poor doggie he looks like a shih tzu dog!! he looks very soft and cuddly and shame on the people who didnt want him thats just very stupid that u get a dog and dont have time for them
  6. Little Ameraucana Mom

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    Jul 8, 2008
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    We just took in a little girl with the same story, She has been here for a month. Still has an accident once in awhile, and is very pushy wanting affection and food. Hope she realizes pretty soon that there is plenty to go around!!
  7. zazouse

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    Sep 7, 2009
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    Beautiful doggy [​IMG]

    My mom who was always home had trouble house breaking hers, took almost a year and he still went in the house ,even on her bed when he got mad.

    My daughter had one and had to rehome him for the same reason.

    I was told this breed is very difficult to house break sometimes by the vet.
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  8. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
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  9. twister

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    Sep 12, 2009
    cute lil shih tzu doggie...

    sweet loyal dogs--- can be really attached to one person.

    training him shouldn't be too difficult... crate him when you are out and take him out lots of times when you are in! ;-)

    their loss on a wonderful lil friend for you and your family!
  10. Ema

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    Jun 4, 2010
    N. Ontario CANADA
    well thankfully we have no carpet for him to pee on, lol, and we have a handheld steaming machine and scrubber. we expect him at this age to take a while to be trained. A dog this age being used to peeing inside is a hard habit to break. he is a shih tzu, and is currently sleeping on my feet, we do notice he is very timid and gets nervous, because he cowers. so we are approaching him at his level so he feels more comfortable, seems to me the neglect was not the only mistreatment this little one has encountered. In a week or two he will learn that in this house it isn't hands that hurt, but time outs in his little bed. LOL and then he will do what my other dogs all seem to do so well, huff and puff and pout until I say ok you are a good boy!!

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