Look what I got at the Poultry Show!!!(Pics)


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Sep 13, 2008
Jemison, AL
Today was the Bantam Poultry/Duck show in Clanton, AL. The DH, two smallest children, my Momma and I dropped in to see what all the excitement was all about. Oh I had soo much fun! I saw so many breeds that I had only seen on the internet.....and the people were sooo eager to talk chickens. As so many of you know not everyone "gets chickens".

Well, the highlight of my day was my purchase of my FIRST SIZZLES and SILKIES (not counting my two Showgirls).

These 7 beauties are all Silkies from Julie (Bamachicken)

And these 3 babes are 2 Sizzles and 1 Silkie that came from Jaynie (Jimnjay)

Okay, we had arranged this....but there were many breeds available for sale there. I had to control myself to not buy a pair of Black Bantam Cochins...oh and those Brahmas...and the cutest ducks! Just wait till next year...hehe

Okay...one more pic of my son and the little ones (they will be so spoiled).


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Jan 11, 2007
Bryant Alabama
Claudia the little ones look great on the grass, their favorite place. Just throw a little wheat bread and you will have firends for life.

It was wonderful meeting you and your family. You are luck to have a DH that shares your interest in the chickens. It is double the fun then.

Keep us posted on how they do.


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Nov 14, 2007
They look right at home. Love the picture of your son with the chicks. Let him enjoy. Great to meet your family. Tell mom i said hello.

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