look what i got today!!! pics!


12 Years
Aug 2, 2010

i poked my head in the stall and to my suprise i see my RP hen in the back corner of the coop doing kind of a half squat and an egg under her!!! so excited this is my first turkey egg! i will be cracking it open later to see if its fertile
its a pretty pink with what looks like purplish speckles. lets hope the other girls follow her lead
I have never cracked a egg open to see if it is fertile. Do you have a incubator? In five days you can see the developing embryo. No need to kill it. Start storing the eggs in a cool place. These where my first three eggs. They would not be here if I cracked them open. If they where not fertile then I could cook them up for the birds to eat.

hmm maybe your right, maybe i will just see if it starts to develop. this hen is laying for the first time, the tom is just around a year too, so im not totally confident that they will be fertile, but worth a shot!
if you have a male turkey in with them a.k.a. a (tom) then there's a good chance it's fertile! go on, try an hatch it! I didn't think mine were fertile until i incubated them and now I have chicks! I ate my first one, you will wanna save up some eggs before you hatch them

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