look what I woke uo 2!!!my heart is so heavy

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big red chicken

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Mar 18, 2009
Greenville NC
I'm so upset i for some reason can't post this. THREE STRAY DOGS KILLED ALL 17 of MY CHICKENS!! Life isn't fair. I have read this happening to many people but NEVER did I think it would happen to me.

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They got into the coop over night?! uuugh!

We use padlocks to keep everything out.

That is soooo not cool! ugh!

Maybe some electric sheep netting could work around the coop to keep dogs out? Its not overly expensive and it would give them a good jolt!

I guess the only up side is that you get to enjoy baby chicks again

that sucks!
No I caught them chewing my chickens but I was out number and I have no weapon. I just wish I could have saved them I hatch them myself and needless to say my uncle pass the day they hatch.
Oh, how awful! I am so sorry.
I can only imagine the horror of this scene. Any chance can you describe their enclosure so we can figure out how this happened? Maybe we can learn from this--a very hard lesson but a lesson all the same. Chicken Fruit made a good point about electric netting or wire to keep chickens safer. Darn, are they neighbor's dogs? One in photo looks like a lab.
buy a shotgun. if they're wild dogs, fire in the air to scare them off. if they come towards you, shoot them. if they're a neighbor's dog, take it up with your neighbor and the courts.

make an "everything proof" run and coop. enclose everything in hardware cloth and bury the hardware cloth at least 2 feet in the ground all the way around the run.

so sorry to hear about your loss. i know fixing things now, won't help.
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