Look what Max saved our girls from today... ** graphic pics**

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Sep 23, 2011
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Most of you know our little 5-month old dog, Max. He's a near Pyr with all the right stuff! Today he did a stellar job of defending the girls from a hawk. I work from home, so I was writing this article when I heard an awful commotion out back in the chicken run. It was simultaneous barking, squawking, and frantic wings flapping. The girls were all running for the coop, and Max had zeroed in on what I thought was a chicken at first.... until I saw the size of the thing. This hawk was at least twice as big as our biggest girl. Max couldn't get into the run, but he had scared the hawk so bad that it had gotten all tangled in our netting we have over the run. That's all we needed. The girls were safe... Max was safe... I'll let you know the disposition of the hawk when we decide what to do with it. Please. We don't need anyone quoting us law about hawks. We know.

Here's our hero:

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I couldn't get the photos to work either

Way to go Max
Usually when I see a hawk, my roos have given warning, everyone gets still and quiet. Then I hear the hawk scream, and I go to the gate out from under the trees and it is a mere flying dot in the sky. A few weeks ago though, I had gone in the shed to feed the cats and as I was coming out, a hawk had flown under the trees caddycorner to the gate and left from the gap over the gate. I heard a commotion as I left the shed and I saw it leaving. The hawk left empty-clawed, and I'll never know which of my roos charged. I'm just thankful that none of them were hurt. (One of the many reasons I'm getting more hens instead of getting rid of any of the 3 roos I have left.) My boys get along pretty well, and I need all 3 of them to watch over my girls.
I do believe a nice raw T-bone is in order for Max. So I take it the netting really works? we lost one of our hens today, she was out of here before we could even think, and as for the laws, what no one knows wont hurt them, sorry I am still a bit bitter. GO MAX!!
Max is already a spoiled little boy - but I do believe he should have a treat for tonight! Actually, the hawk got into the netting, but couldn't get out. I guess if you catch them coming or going is all good... as long as it catches them! Max was on it so fast, it was trying to get the heck out of there!
Poor hawk...looks like it DIED of stress when it got all tangled up in the net....
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