look what now comes in bagsof peat moss!!!!

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  1. so it was really nice out today and my girls have been pretty cranky. Soooooo... I went up to Lowes and picked up two bags of sand and one bag of peat moss. I figured I would let them have at a goooooodddd bath today! So i didnt even get the sand out of the bags into their green sand box before they were into it! I didnt even get the peat moss mixed in yet. oh well.... save the peat moss for last I figured.



    So, OK, i will now open the bag of peat moss that i am going to mix in with the sand. I found a bag that was inside the store, it was dry and warm. I open it and turn around to take a drink of water, turn back around and wow, look what now comes with peat moss!!!!! it moves, it wiggles, it even smiles!!!! (yes, i said smile.....)




    ah, my happy girls!!!!
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    They look like they are having a very good time! I love the chicken in the peat moss, great pics!
    Forgot to say, it does say ready to use on the bag. Guess your girls can read, lol.
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  3. :D
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    That's to cool, great idea with the swimming poo or sandboxl, wonder if I could get hubby to go for that, but probably not because our girls have plenty of are to dust bath. I love the looks of the chickens in the last picture, it looks like it died and went to heaven....lol.
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    No wonder my raised garden bed is such a chick magnet. It is a potting soil, sand and peat moss mixture. They LOVE it.
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    May 11, 2010
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    That is awesome! Chickens are so funny! Thanks for the pics!
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    Oh they DO love their dust baths! [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG]

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    That is just plain ADORABLE! [​IMG]

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