Look what took my chickens!!!!!! Bald Eagle Picture

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10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
Port Angeles Wa
So i have my chickens free range they were in the dog kennel this morn with my German shepard. I heard a mean growl squaking ran out there and the eaglel was in kenne.l Jr my dog had its by its tail Im missing 2 chickens Time for coop to be done........ This eagle was HUGH should have grabbed a gun not camera but its against the law
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We have bald eagles here....they are absolutely stunning and just take my breath away, they are so beautiful. Ive never had a problem with them taking a chicken. I have bird netting over the top of my runs, and have never had any bird of prey even attempt to get thru them.
yeah, I don't reckon killing a baldie, unless you want several million years in jail

we don't have any eagles that are a problem here, just hawks, and they don't do that much
maybe your chickens just got scared and ran off. I think Eagles actually prefer fish but I guess if it were really hungry it would take whatever it could get.

when i went out there to the kennel they were in dog house. i think the eagle come back for round 2 got the 2 chicks then came back and my dog got him by tail
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