Lookie here, lookie here......bburn has something to show you!!!!!


9 Years
Jul 9, 2010
Delaware, Arkansas

Just got home from driving 1282 miles in two days to take my DSS to a job in Alabama. My DSN called me because he was feeding my chickens for me and said: I think there is an egg in one of the nests. I said, yep, there are three marble eggs and one golf ball in the nests. He said, no, this is a little brown one. I said go back and look and make sure and call me back. He called back and said, yep, thought it was an egg, feels like an egg and not like marble. I made him get some bedding and put it in a cup and take it home with him til I could make it home. Wouldn't you know it would happen while I was gone....and then I had to decide if I wanted to post here first or Facebook!!!

Somebody laid this....don't know who.....while I was making that mad trip to Alabama! Had to take a picture of it with a Grade A large egg from the store. And then I had to take a picture of it with a quarter like everyone else did. MY FIRST EGG!!!!! I am a chicken wrangler now and not just the treat meister! Treats: layer pellets, cottage cheese, sometimes yogurt and greens from the store now that my garden is finished. The treats are not much at a time but a little everyday. I just make sure everyone gets some.

Almost all my hens are 23 weeks old. Most are RIR hens. Yeah me!!!! Got eggs?


Doesn't it just figure.....you watch and wait....and visit with them and talk to them....and you leave town and they lay an egg!!
Oh Boy!!! isn't that first egg the most exciting thing ever!!! Do you tell your girls "Thank you" when they lay an egg. I tell mine "Thank you."

Congrats -- that's wonderful!

I'm afraid the same thing will happen to me this weekend
- I have 3 that are 23 weeks and 3 that are 20 weeks. 2 of the 23 week olds look very close. We will be gone from Saturday morning til Sunday evening...

Congrats on your beautiful egg!

looking forward to being a member of the "Chicken Wrangler Club"
I thanked them all very sweetly and gave them some cottage cheese. I treated them just like they had ALL laid me an egg! Ok, even Butterball the rooster! (oh, and a small cup for the Lone Rooster that got banished from the flock because Butterball kept beating him up for cornering up the girls.....now, I need two started BR girlies for him)
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