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    Mar 25, 2009
    hi there, just getting back out into the country. I've had chickens before and loved it!! actually had about 30 chickens and 8 guineas, all of the chickens were different breeds. i had EEs, BRs, Cochins, Brahmas, Jersey Giants, some mutts, some banties, and i LOVED it... but because of a career change i had to get rid of EVERYTHING and move into an apartment. now i am back in the country for good and am looking for a nice young pullet, would like a young cochin or brahma, maybe a sussex, i like the heavy breeds. im just outside of hutchinson MN. i know it saounds odd asking to buy just one chicken, but i would like to start out with a started girl and am going to get chicks as soon as i finish my brooder (very soon hopefully).
    also i was wondering if anyone knows of any poultry swaps in the near future in the area, or a nice sales barn...
    i hope to hear some good news [​IMG]
    thanks a bunch, Jess

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