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Mar 2, 2011
I am a New Girl in the world of Chickenhood.
I am super excited. I have done much research and can not wait for two more weeks
when I get my chicks. I have a cpl questions on roosters. I know their job is to protect
and they tend to have 'tudes'. I have 4 kids, and a cat. I also live in the middle of the
city... Here are a couple of things I am looking into. #1 Is there such thing as a more
quiet rooster? #2 Are there roosters that are known for being more people friendly or
These seem like crazy questions since everyone knows the roosters talk and talk loud.
And the main purpose I need a roo is to protect my gals, since I can't have a dog (hubby's
request) Does anyone have any good advice on this?

One more question
Has anyone been reported for the noise their Roo makes? (@ City Folk)
If it is legal to have a Roo, can the law make me get rid of mine for making noise?

I don't have any chicks yet, want to do a bit more research before I make my decisions.
If it's legal to have a roo then I don't think the law would make you get rid of it. Most roos crow early in the morning and early evening, though they do crow occasionally during the day. The bigger the roo, the bigger the crow, so keep that in mind as well.
afternoon! I don't know where you live, but in the St. Louis, Mo area it is not legal to have roosters. I am sure some people have them that have very understanding
neighbors. On roosters crowing in am and pm, mine crow all day. Some days they are quiet, but other times they are talking, talking and strutting their stuff for the hens.
Why do you need a rooster? I know you said for protection. If your coop and yard is designed properly, your hens should be safe. Make sure they have a very secure
coop to go into at night. With four kids, the rooster would probably get pretty agitated with all the playing in "his territory".
I live in Indianapolis. Roosters are legal. MCM that is something to think about the roosters being annoyed by kids in their area.
I would like a rooster because I will be letting the chickens out sometimes and I would like to have a cpl babies next summer.
I want to get some birds for meat.
Silkie roosters have the most annoying crows...they sound like someone is trying to wring their necks!
Silkie roosters have the most annoying crows...they sound like someone is trying to wring their necks!

That would be scary sounding


Look at the different breeds and find one that you think is just right for you. Most come in bantam sizes too. (I would get a puppy, they're easier to train
No puppies allowed at my house

Trust me, I would way rather have a dog!
But, I will figure it all out. I'm really
wanting a Roo now more for making chicks.
Thanks for all of your input!!! This site rocks!
We're trying Delawares, I've heard that they are very friendly and docile. Plus they're very pretty! But mine are newborns now, so I don't know how they'll actually be as adults.

I have had a mix of roosters, including an Araucana and some Barred Rocks, that were very friendly and moderately docile around my other pets (cats, dog, bunnies) and small children. I believe the trick was that they had been raised by a pre-school, so they were handled regularly and accustomed to people. I continued to interact with them daily- tossing food in the yard, petting them when they roosted in their coop... I think it helped make them more mellow.

As for crowing- putting them into a light-tight coop at night might not eliminate crowing, but it should help. Especially if you live in a neighborhood with streetlights or have neihbors with outdoor floodlights.

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