looking after chickens in this awful heat

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    Jul 11, 2016
    its way to hot and the chickens seem to be struggling, we have lost one over night, they were all layed with there beaks opeen they have shade, dust bath, plenty of water, but its way to hot still, im doing the frozen sweetcorn at the moment what else can i do, we have only been keeping chickens just over a month

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    I am so sorry for your loss. Here in the desert they seem to just hunker down and conserve energy when Its hot out... Hot her is 110 degrees Farenheight Or 43.3 C Its not humid here though.

    Give them a place where they can wet their feet evaporation will help. i have seen a sandy spot that is kept wet with a few scratch grains scattered on it to encourage them to venture into the wet zone.

    Water mellon or really any kin of mellon kept chilled then fed during the hot part of the day too can be of assisitance.

    But really all i use is ample shade and ventilation and ample fre3e choice of water. Shaded of course so it stays cool.

    For wht its worht I know a fellow that keeps chickens and water fowl in Death Valley.... 140 degrees in the summer thats 60C.... He keeps shade and puts out carpet that he keeps wet so duckie feet dont get burned... and lots land lots of acess to water.

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    oh and a belated [​IMG] from San Diego High desert. A portoin of the Sonora Desert and Baja California.


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