Looking for a Black Jersey giant pullet or hen


12 Years
Jan 18, 2008
Conway SC
I don't have any and I would just like to add one to my flock.I don't want to order a whole bunch of them from a hatchery.I wouldn't mind hatching a couple of eggs but I don't need a whole dozen.I would just like to be able to pick one up in my area.Anybody close by have one?
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Cinda's blue jersey giants (do search don't have the link) will send you hatching eggs. I'm pretty sure they would sell just a few. She has all the colors, not just blues.
My wife and I are going to order later this summer (probably from Ideal)

We wanted to order a small order too, but don't need many extras. We will be getting some jersey giants....probably white.

If you want to go in on an order together or just let us order an extra bjg we could do that, but we won't be ordering until later this summer (we will be out of town for the first part.)

You can respond here, but a pm will probably get to me faster.

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