looking for a cupple things?

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    Sep 25, 2011
    hi I am looking for some one who has french lops, hatching eggs of Old English Games, Blue Laced red Wyandottes and seramas and maybe peacock eggs pm me if you have any of what I am looking for and the price and how many you have thanks for looking [​IMG] . O yeah and an incubator
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    Hey Goofy,
    You will not be able to get any pea eggs right now. They are very seasonal & wont be available until spring.
    Here is a link to another ? re: this:


    if you are seriously looking for some peas. Please research the info RE: peas on this forum before getting some to make sure you have enough space and facilities for them. If you have what they need, you will enjoy all they have to offer. Their beauty & grace is incredible......

    There have been some Blue laced red wyandotte eggs on ebay. Guess you would have to find that incubator first. Good luck.

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