Looking for a few Cool Chicks in eastern Kansas!

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    We have moved to town, & I am going through chicken withdrawal in a BAD way!! [​IMG]
    My town is OK w/ City Chicks, so I am looking for a few good gals to add to our family! Hoping to find some sweet bantams, or 2-3 Big Gals, such as Buff Orps, New Hamps, Wyandottes, or EEs! Not opposed to chicks,as long as they are already fully feathered so they will be able to withstand the Kansas winter! Prefer no older than '10 models, or late '09's. Please only respond if the gals are TAME, as I have 2 young boys, & the 7 year old is really going through Chicken Withdrawal in a BAD way!!!

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    We have a KS thread here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=248925 and several folks on there have birds often. I only have some straight run month-old Orpingtons (Split/Black and Lavender) and some unknown babies from a swap right now. I'll have EEs and Silkies hatching, and will sell those straight run.

    Nice to see you here, and go post about yourself on the KS thread!! We'd love to have you join us! [​IMG]

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