Looking for a few LF Frizzles no Cochins birds or eggs TN or ship


10 Years
Jun 30, 2009
Lebanon TN
Looking for a few large Frizzles Clean legs just about any breeds or mixes other than NN,JG,or game breeds..try me. Willing to travel for one already hatched or eggs(hubby has said I can start hatching a FEW once again)
I would consider trading some true Ameraucana eggs from my Splash roo(Garners former breeding roo) that is living with 2 blue Garner hens and will be living with 2 black Cree and Garners..I can't ship for 2 weeks though to make sure they are pure eggs. Or I have pay pal

Edited to change what breeds I prefer
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I have LF frizzles. I have a Barred Frizzle and Barred NN Frizzle rooster with the following hens.. 1 white Rock, 3 NN, 3 Black Jersery Giant. the offspring should be about the size of a RIR.
Sorry I forgot about NN's any breeds other than NN...I just can't handle those no offense to those that like them but they are one of those that you like or not(like silkies) and I'm in the not's
It took me a little to get used to them too. Not every chick is a NN though. Also, a NN frizzle is one of the funniest things you will see. IMO

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