Looking for a good laying hen in the Phoenix Arizona area

Sam The Yam

10 Years
Apr 4, 2009
I would like the opportunity to buy or trade for a young all ready producing hen. Would either like a black australop, a buff orphington, or a barred rock. I have a 2 month old or so Americauna pullet that I could trade. I have six of them and would like a little variety in my small flock.

If you are aware of any mature, brown egg laying hens, in the Phoenix Arizona area, I am interested in buying or trading. Please feel free to send me a PM. I am interested particularly in Buff Orphingtons, Black Australorps, Barred Rocks.

Thank you.
Looks like she is doing good at this point!

Looks like she is doing good at this point!

I forgot to tell you also that this morning when I was out in the coop finishing up the nest boxes, I was squatting down working on the railing for them to jump on to get into the nest boxes, and "No Muffs" jumped up on my arm, then climbed up on my shoulder. I guess I can say she likes me. She seems to be a very gentle one too. I sure appreciate the generous trade. "No Muffs" has great coloring now that I can see her better in the light.

No Muffs should lay you some beautiful blue eggs.

We took your little one from the coop with the big girls and put her in with the 9 week olds. She's doing better in there. What was her name? We'll keep it.
We actually did not have them all named specifically yet, but my daughter and I have name all of them now with kinds of candy brands. We came up with a name just now for her if you want to choose to use it. "Chuckles" is an older type of candy. I think that it sounds like a great chicken name. Ours are:
Cara-mel (No Muffs)
Licorice (White Toe)
Sniccers (spelling is our way to spell it)

So, there you have it.

They seemed to do well today. A little skirmishes I heard but nothing to be concerned about.


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