looking for a great fried turkey recipe

Red Tie

11 Years
May 30, 2008
Metamora, MI
Does anyone have a tried and true deep fried turkey recipe that they would like to share? Our youngest son is leaving for basic training next week and he has requested fried turkey for his going away party. Any hints, suggestions etc? We are butchering the turkeys today for the party on Saturday!

Thank you all!



12 Years
Jan 23, 2008
my dad has one of those big outdoor frying pots, not that expensive anymore. Hes not a cook so as far as I know he just puts it in, no seasoning except maybe salt and pepper. I think it only takes a little while.


11 Years
Apr 15, 2008
We also have a turkey fryer & have loved every turkey we've fried in it. The oil is what's costly....we got our oil at Sams Club.
It can be used a few times before it needs to be pitched. Peanut Oil is what we use. They even make hand pumps with a filter too so you can filter the oil after it's cool. We just wait for the oil to be cool, then slowly pour the oil back into the large plastic screw top jug it came in, but discarding the tiny little bottom of oil where there's some crumbles.

We just put the turkey in itself, no seasonings, but I've seen how there are injection kits that you can find near a grocery store's beef jerky packets that you can inject spices into the bird before lowering into the fryer. But they turn out sooooo nice & moist just frying itself. The key to not overflowing the oil (making it a fire hazzard with the flame underneath the stand).... is to take the empty pan, lower the turkey to be fried into it (no heat on at this point) & fill the pan with water over the turkey to the level that you would have oil filled to.........then take a measurement of how far down the pot the water level is.....& take the bird & water out ---now just fill the oil to the level you made a note of with the water, then turn the fryer heat on to start heating the oil. --That way with out the heat or flame you already have the correct oil level. A safety step my Uncle let us know of. Especially after all the reports of turkey fryers catching fire burning porches, decks, etc. We use ours in the yard on a concrete patio square for safety. Hope this helps & if you already knew this..sorry


11 Years
Mar 31, 2008
We have a bare spot in our yard from frying a turkey last year and from using it to boil water to pluck our roosters this summer. Try to pick a place that the grass wont matter.

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