Looking for a landscaped coop with flowers planted along the sides.


10 Years
Nov 22, 2009
Western NC
There was a picture posted recently of a really pretty coop. Only thing I remember is that it was beautifully landscaped and had flowers planted around it so obviously it wasn't inside a run.

I didn't save it because at the time I was building a totally different style coop. But now I've got a playhouse to work with and it's going outside the run so I'd like to use that photo for inspiration. Does anybody remember it or have a picture of a coop with pretty landscaping around it? I'd be awfully grateful if someone remembers it and could repost it!


Knock Kneed Hen

California Dream'in Chickens
9 Years
Feb 15, 2010
So. Cal.
I wanted to plant some shrubs around mine but realized that the chickens wouldn't be about to look out. I don't know...my DH says I'm too empathetic...I'd like to be able to look out

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