Looking for a Lite Sussex Hen in North Texas (DFW Area)

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    Hello -

    I'm looking for a Lite Sussex hen around 6 months old to add to our small, but beloved flock before winter sets in. I fell in love with my very young lite Sussex, but unfortunately she turned into a "HE" [​IMG] I found him a great new home and bought a beautiful speckled Sussex and I really love this breed! I currenty have 5 girls (2 Wyandottes, Buff. Orp., Speckled Sussex and, on a whim, a golden Polish) all around 6 month old that are absolutely spoiled rotten (and will be for the rest of thier lives!) but I would like to add one more! I search craigs list every day, plus here and google - but have not had any success. If anyone has a nice, happy and HEALTHY young Lite Sussex pullet or know of someone that does that are willing to sell, please let me know!

    Darn Kentucky, why'd you have to be a roo!!!

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